Meet Team #R3SET

Our Purpose

#R3SET empowers people who are challenging today’s outdated systems and beliefs through member-owned media, education and events.

Our Beliefs

“Organizations with similar values can create mutual success by sharing insights, talent and resources.”

Thats why we created the #R3SET Consortium.
The #R3SET Consortium is a family of conscious organizations that support each other
and co-create win-win-win commerce at scale.

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“Collaboration and innovation that is focused by the lens of purpose creates thriving communities.”

Thats why we created the #R3SET Ecosystem.
The #R3SET ecosystem is a family of brands that educate and inspire millennials to make a difference
in their community and their world.

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“Social justice and equality is a basic human right.”

That’s why we created EQUAROX.
EQUAROX is a traveling festival celebrating universal equality and social rights.

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Our Founders

John Lewis

John is a senior-level executive with 20 years of experience in leadership development and market communications. He is an expert visionary and planner; helping companies develop their goals and strategic objectives. He also has extensive capital and fund development experience resulting in $2 million of revenues.

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Chris Fern

Chris has a decade of training in IT and computer software development, systems architecture, networking, and customer relations. He has designed software for small business entrepreneurs and international organizations. His experience with technical support helps us increase customer retention, satisfaction, and understanding.

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Devin Shea

Devin has spent 10 years developing a multidisciplinary approach to company culture, branding, and creative direction. Marrying his award-winning creative talent with years researching “lifestyle design” has resulted in individuals and organizations tripling their productivity.

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Patrick Danahey

PJ unifies our business goals with our operational strategy, creating a bridge between two worlds. He takes complex ideas and creates visual explanations that are simple and to the point. He is an master of simplification.

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Join Us

Does your organization care
about social impact over profit?

The partnerships we’ve formed over the past 5 years are a huge reason why we’re so passionate about #R3SET. If you resonate with our beliefs, we would love to hear your story and why you’d like to join our family.


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